Why SaaS Startup Needs to Monitor User Behavior

Why SaaS Startup Needs to Monitor User Behavior

SaaS Startup is the best way to cater to worldwide business and serve hi-tech development that makes work efficient and effective. The SaaS industry spreads its wings, and the owners really enjoy the high investment. You can see the graph!


Marketing nowadays is based on automation, and all we want is to get more and more but in less time. Automation makes our operation easy as we can instantly email thousands of people in different countries in the most personalized way with email automation. 

We can automate our customer support to provide a better experience by building chatbots. There are many other examples where you can see how advanced automation is.

The startup of SaaS brings a lot more if you monitor your user behavior and recognize users’ needs, understand when and what makes users happy, and ultimately, you can see the results on the initial days of the startup. UserSplit is the most light-weighted and simple tool that helps to collect user data and analyze their behavior.

Your SaaS customers give you information about their interactions with your products, services, and company every day. This information may provide a lot of information about their purchases and usage habits, as well as payment patterns, churn rates, and other factors.

Why startup needs tracking user behavior

Better user experience

To know how users interact with your customers and what was the first experience when they come and try your SaaS Product. Either it is safe and understandable or they face complexities in using your product. 


The minimum viable product approach is the better way for a SaaS startup because with less investment you can live your SaaS and gradually upsize your startup. You can keep monitoring your user behavior and if you find any difficulty, you fix it and provide a better user experience. 

Recognize most of the audience

Let’s say you build a SaaS file management system, used in offices, and your marketing team captures the corporate sector. But a few days later, you observed that lots of traffic is coming from the educational institute that uses your solution but you didn’t target them. 

It definitely brings new segments of groups that are willing to use your product. And no doubt, it is great. You can identify this by using user behavior analytics tools and monitor every step of your users. Like where they come from, which page they spent most of their time on, which country they belong to, and all the demographics.

Measure conversion

New product takes time to gain the confidence of users. That’s why slow conversion is normal. But once it hits the market it will surely bring conversion. 

If you track the user journey you can understand where you are lacking, and where you want improvements to capture users till conversions. Your SaaS must be a market fit, a problem solver, and people willing to buy it to resolve their problems. In this way, the conversion can be possible. 

Retain your users

Customer retention refers to your company’s capacity to keep customers for a set length of time. The period might be monthly, quarterly, or yearly, depending on your SaaS company’s needs. At times, predicting user behavior is not easy and retaining them for the long run is tough though. 

Retain your users by providing a better experience, giveaways, and provide real-time assistance if they go with frustration. The customer stays there if the company satisfies their needs and helps them in any case. You can simply define your goals, optimize the onboard process, and provide better assistance to retain them. 

Churn rate 

When you throw your product in the market, you have completed the market analysis before. Because you find hundreds of competitors who provide your type of solution. And when customers see the better product they will not stay and get churn. 

There may be other reasons like unresponsive websites, long payment processes, and complex UI. Tracking your users at this point can help you to control churn. That will ultimately offer a new way to reach out to your customers and bring them back with exciting discounts, conduct a demo and make them understand where they are not going in the right direction. 

Market pricing analysis

The most important page of your website where customers find pricing information and then decide whether it is worth it or not. Your SaaS start-up holds some amount that you invest in it and you want a return from it, but is it market competitive, or users willing to pay? 

Creating a funnel analysis helps you to know the behavior of users in terms of pricing. If they feel satisfied, they move a step forward but if you observe the high bounce rate it’ll surely not. Or maybe some of the users complete more than one session on your pricing page and then make decisions. Because UserSplit provides you real-time stats, you can get the report instantly and offer some personalized discounts to your users. 

Bottom line

The struggle behind the SaaS startup is real and figuring out user behavior towards your solution is mainstream. Behind every successful startup, there is a user experience, conversions, engagements, and potential users who feel complete by using your solution.

That’s why gradual optimization is important. And to monitor user behavior, a perfect tool is required that can read the user mindset and provide you with a full report on it. Try userSplit that delivers knowledge about your users’ and understand users’ action all in one go.

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