How to analyze and improve your Website experience with Web analytics tools
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How to Analyze and Improve Your Website Experience with Web Analytics Tools

The premises of your website is wider than you know. So it’s hard to know manually to get in touch with every visitor or user. Who says you go manually? When you can leverage web analytics tools in your hand. 

Like UserSplit provides you a pace to identify your users’ moves by conferring easy-to-understand stats. 

Suppose, you got the maximum website traffic in a day, but things aren’t working out as you had planned i.e. no conversion at all. 

The second action that you will take is to overview your web analytics to propose possible changes that you can make. 

Once you start tracking your website, you find the flaws of your website that will surely help you to improve your site experience and ultimately improves your user experience. So are you up to getting to know your erroneous notions?

User experience is the most crucial that you can optimize along with the site experience. You can boost your conversions by putting continuous work into enhancing the user experience on your website and all that coincides with it.

User Experience On The Website… What You Know About!

User experience is all about how the user feels when it comes to your website. How they interact with your website, how much time they spend, do they complete your desired action, etc? 

A good and willing user must stay and perform activity on your website such as:

  • Visit your website
  • Scroll down and get information about products
  • Understand it or check the relevancy of its need
  • And finally, get what they want. 

With all these kinds of stuff, now what appeals to you is how you can monitor your user experience on your website. 

As you are in the innovative era, technology is your best friend for sure. There are lots of web analytics tools like UserSplit that contribute to your efforts.

Since it tracks your website users, you can easily collect the user behavior, data, and experience. Eventually, the stats of these data can improve your conversion rate. 

UserSplits allows you to access the maximum benefit of its tool like 

  • Real-time statistics 
  • User-friendly and understandable data visuals
  • Great Funnel Analytics of Users
  • Deep information from end-user name to where he/she belongs
  • No IP tracking, fingerprinting, or cookies
  • Email notification automation
  • And much more.

You can explore it now!

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Factors Depend on User Experience

User experience is influenced by a variety of variables, which can substantially impact your brand. They are as follows:

  • Is the time they spend on your website worthwhile? That is the provision of value to your users.
  • Is your website foolproof? This variable lies in the usability of your website.
  • Is your website serving the expectations of your visitors? It shows how nifty your website is.
  • Is the brand able to elicit an emotional response from the user? This point talks about how to convince the users to get attached to the brand.
  • Is your website easy to reach? Make your website easy to navigate and accessible to your audience.
  • Does your product, reputation, content, and/or service encourage the user’s trust and confidence?

5 Important Ways to Improve Your Site Experience With Web Analytics Tools

Let’s move on and learn how we can make the ways open to improve our visitor & user experience.

Always Look at Where The Traffic Comes From

Web analytics tools get easier to look after your visitors and users. It identifies what they like and dislike. Since there are different people on your platform simultaneously, you don’t have to overlook the demographic differences of your audience. 

That is easy to find out with the website user analytics tool. Your brand looks more powerful if you win to fulfill the needs of every user. 

Analyze Your Site Speed

Do you know if your website is not loaded within 1-2 seconds the visitor will not hesitate to leave your site? I experienced many websites like this and got frustrated. Here the downfall starts with your analytics. 

It is reported that a two-second delay in page speed can increase bounce rates by 103%.


Improving your website speed makes a huge difference in your stats. Your user and visitors are more likely to engage with your product if the provision is to give a better user experience throughout the website.

Note The Session Per Page

Check out the overall session of your high-traffic pages and analyze what makes them different from others? You can make a simple yet effective change in your low-traffic pages and generate maximum conversion from it.

UserSplit delivers in-depth knowledge about every second of your session per page, which could be beneficial for your monthly report. And with this report, you can improve your future website performance.

Identify Your Best Traffic Channel

Web analytics tools help you to recognize the best social channel that grabs your visitors at your website. As soon as you get to know about it, you have to put more effort into those channels. 

Build Widmer

Your visitors do not remain the only visitors after experiencing your site, they will probably convert into your users because the influence of your social media positively impacts your website traffic.

Refresh Your Website Content

For improving your website experience, repurposing your web content is a must. Your content plays a vital role to engage your website visitor and helps to complete the average session per page.

The CTAs should be eye-catching and explain your desired action because it is the source of maximum bang for your bucks. 


The right use of your website brings you a lot of users as well as your revenue. The conversion matters with your site more than any other factor. 

Keep a check on your web analytics and make this tool to be effective for your overall website performance. And for this, UserSplit can be a game-changer. 

Your daily stats show you different perspectives of your website users and recognize the smallest to the biggest challenges in real-time. Easy to start and get a free trial Now.

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