Bringing user analytics to the next level
User Analytics

Bringing User Analytics To The Next Level

User analytics got much attention since the increasing number of online buyers came into view. Suppose you added a series of new products on your website and announced them on different social channels. 

Now it’s time to see who comes on your website page and be a user of it. I mean the traffic you get on your website!

You can watch your user movements by the website analytics tools like UserSplit, making it easy to see your users.

This website analytics tool makes your life easier by providing in-depth knowledge about your users’ visits. 

Don’t confuse users and visitors because they are absolutely two different audiences. You can differentiate them with the following example.

A random guy comes to your website, goes through what you have, and then closes the window. He is just a visitor for a specific time.

But if he simultaneously uses your product after the subscription or maybe takes a free trial of your product after getting started, then congratulations, you may call him a user. 

As you know, Google analytics works excellently to track your website visitors but it can’t specify the user behavior.

UserSplit particularly focuses on the users’ behaviors that include actions visitors take on a website, such as where they click, how they navigate, where they encounter blockers, and where they exit from.

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Keeping track of your users is as important as keeping track of your competitors. Your business is made up of customers and you can’t neglect their actions on your website. 

Let’s discover the basics of website analytics and much more!

The website traffic- all you need to know

Website traffic is the amount of data received from your visitors and users that come to your website and do some activity. Initially, it was the gauge to measure the website’s success but now it is included in an equation to measure the actual results. 

Website traffic and conversions = results

As your house has two or more rooms, your website also exists with different pages. And each page has specific web traffic as well. You can configure individual web traffic on all web pages. 

For example, A visitor who comes to your website with a direct link to the homepage will be the landing page for him.

Moreover, if the user clicks on the “blog” page then the next landing page will be the blog page. You can easily know the traffic of each page to evaluate which page you get the traffic most!

User Analytics-what and why it is!

User analytics is a type of business intelligence software that combines customer behavior data and the way it interacts with your product.

The user analytics show you in-depth details of your users’ movement on your website dashboard and extract all the data to show how the users experience your website

This will help you know how your web page performance, how often a user is using your site, and where they are stuck to complete your desired action.

With all this data, user analytics brings a change in the online marketing world. You can filter out most of the least factors to specify your data. 

Monitoring user analytics can improve your website traffic in many sense like

  • You can monitor how effective your site is.
  • How users can experience different pages.
  • You can figure out where your customers spent more time on which page.
  • You can easily filter out the source of web traffic.
  • And in the end, you can simply know where you are lacking and which element you can work on more.

Key Indicators of User Analytics Stats

If you are well aware of the terminologies used in defining your user analytics stats, you can surely come up with a conclusion. 

But what if you don’t know about it? No worries, I can help you here. Learning is an ongoing process, so here I make you learn how to tackle the following terms.


In a selected period, the number of visits done by the user. A one completed session is done by one complete visit to the website. All the people who come to your website on a specific page. The session is over once you leave the website or remain inactive for around 30 minutes. 

Users & Visitors

Visitors are the people who visit your website and generate traffic. And users are the ones who completed the sessions on your website in a specific period after subscription or registration to your services.

The number of users is always lesser than the number of sessions on your website. Because the same user can visit a website many times in a day that counts as a complete session.

Users & visitors

Pageviews and Referral

This indicator shows you how many pages are visited by the users in a session. This is the depth view of your users’ visits that deliver the fact that the higher your page views by a user, the more convenient and well-performing your website is. 

Also, you can distinguish which referral site your users come to. Maybe you run ad campaigns and a user signed up from there and land on your website to access your dashboard.

User pageviews and referral


You can make multiple events to measure the specific page or action. It can be unique for any end-user to trigger against the event just for the sake of records and filtering out your users based on events. 

Like you want to create the event of a subscription, registrations, or any other event. You just need to create an event and analyze your desired analytics. 

User analytics events


User segment refers to the user segregation of a distinct group of specifications, based on shared characteristics like you can make a segment for a specific language or country and many other filtered audiences.

User Segment
User segment analytics


Funnel analysis allows you to see how well the users are performing or failing at each move as they accomplish each step.

Let’s say you want to analyze two of your website pages, one is your dashboard, and the other is your pricing page. 

You can create a funnel of these two pages and monitor the users who actually go from the dashboard to pricing or users who moved to other pages.

User funnel analytics

Wrap up!

By knowing these terminologies, you can keep your eyes on the users for their better experience. It also improves your website throughout this process. Mind it, user insights are the best way to bring traffic and to analyze your website performance.

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