User Analytics Reporting
User Analytics Reporting

5 Awesome Uses of User Analytics Reporting Tool

If your visitors convert into your users then it doesn’t mean you have done your sales. But that is the point you start serving your users, and you need to put more effort than before. So don’t skip monitoring the user analytics reporting tool at any cost.

Here are the 5 awesome user analytics tactics that allow you to deliver a splendid user experience throughout their journey. 

You can use it to monitor your users and make your platform improved according to your users’ needs. 

5 uses you can get from the user analytics reporting tool

Before moving on, let me tell you how important the user analytics reporting tool is for your growth and overall product and website performance. 

Data analytics are used in research to identify the problem and to develop the strategy that brings change. 

If you want to survive in this competitive market, you need to research and develop a more comprehensive plan that no one come up with before. That is all based on your analytics reporting tool that you can rely on.

Not only you but experts also look for better and advanced user analytics reporting tools. It can help to analyze authentic data, customer behavior, find roadblocks of your user, and much more. 

You can try UserSplit to monitor your users because it gives you in-depth knowledge about your users and helps you to improve your flaws. 

Employing a user analytics reporting tool can help you to dig deeper into the information or data by using functionality so, you can easily interpret your user. 

Track your users

The functionalities I’m going to discuss can be practically used in UserSplit.

Apply Funnel Analysis to Get Maximum Outcome 

To start your funnel analysis, it is required to set the steps to make a funnel. Have you ever seen a funnel that may be in your kitchen or lab? 

The upper part of the funnel is wide and the lower part is narrow. Here you can imagine when the visitors come to your site.

Some of them reach the next step, some are left in the initial stage and few of them can complete the funnel steps that you can call conversion

funnel user analysis

To find out who are the visitors that convert, the user analytics tool shows you. Although they are already your users and you want to see them on some specific pages that may be your converting point. You can easily scrape out the recorded data. 

User Segmentation for a Distinct Group of People

To identify who needs what, you have to make a specific group of users. Such as a set of groups who have the same language or belong to the same country, from gender attributes, etc.

Market segmentation

The technique of grouping users into discrete groups, or segments, based on shared attributes is known as user segmentation. 

Users might be segmented by language preferences, product version, geographic location, or user persona.

It sounds really fascinating to be able to recognize user behavior in an easy-to-understand graphical representation. And no hard and fast rule to know what your users crave.

Set The Important Events to Track the Users

When a user performs an action on your website, an event is captured in analytics. But a twist is here, you can create your own event to track your desired events. 

Let’s say you want to track the pricing page. You have to look into events and find out how many events complete on the pricing page. 

It will show you the progress of your important page or any action that you want to make complete from your users. 

Downloads, link clicks, form submissions, and video plays are all examples of actions you might want to analyze as Events.

Automated Notification of Your Users’ Action

Maintain your presence when you seriously want to know your users’ data. You can easily get the email notification if any important information is passed by.

Triggering most of the events can help you to get real-time notifications. So, you can take your second action, maybe to send a welcome email or provide a full guide to use your product.

Real-Time User Analytics Reporting

The process of generating and measuring data as soon as it enters the database is referred to as real-time analytics. 


By using the user analytics reporting tool, you can prepare yourself to handle the traffic throughout the day. You can measure your workload, you get back instantly if your customer is stuck in any stage and whatsoever!

So, Are You Up for Tracking and Analyzing Users? 

Don’t forget to take a freemium of UserSplit. UserSplit provides you all in one user analytics reporting platform to measure customer track and use records to make things better. It is easy to use and with the optimum number of functionalities that manage your user information systematically.

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