User behaviour analytics on your finger tips!

Trace the flow, conversation metrics and important events throughout the user journey.

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It's Simple

A simple and easiest analytics you can ever have

It's Instant

Real-time & overdue user analytics won't a big deal

It's Instructive

Discover your users' need with indepth & focused insights

It's Portable

Easy to export the user analytics data for consideration

It's Automated

Set alert of user important action that you want to control

It's Controlled

Control your desired pages through funnel analysis

Never miss an important trigger in your SaaS user's journey

Monitor all your user's and thier activies in a single frame!

Know Your Users at Their Extreme

Discover your users in terms of their exact presence on your website pages, demographics, and their interests. Mainly, you can control the traffic and the engagement on your product's existence in a certain way.

Users Funnel Analytics Flow

Set the funnel analytics to monitor how many users come through your desired page to take your desired action. It makes easier visualization on your funnel stages and yes it helps you to identify your user drop-off.

Tons of integrations & automations

Link the events with your favourite integration platforms or notify yourself through email whenever an important event occurs in your user's funnel. With popular platforms like Zapier, Integromat sky is the limit.


How our UserSplit work ?

You just need To sign up and add your website details, You get an code that you have to embed on your website, and Here you can start tracking your user on your website.

Can I get the freemium package?

Yes, UserSplit provides you freemium service of your very first website and you can avail 1 Website
50 Unique users
5,000 Pageviews
30 Days Data Retention

Can I apply filters to see the specific details about individual area details?

Yes, UserSplit has the feauters to filter out your specification of an individual element For example: you need to monitor specifc region country, click on the reports> geographic> countries.

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